Total Recording

Total Recording

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Total Recording is the world’s most comprehensive book/cd package available. It's packed chock-full of timeless, in-depth information about the entire recording process, including:

  • Studio and control room design for project studios to commercial facilities.
  • Mic selection, setup, and technique.
  • Recording techniques.
  • Equipment and how to use it effectively: mics, amps, compressors, gates, equalizers, signal processors, speakers, et.—both hardware and software.
  • Practical electronics for engineers and musicians (a complete section).

And much more. Plus it's ideal for the classroom (a teacher's guide is available). 

Written by Dave Moulton, Grammy®-nominated recording engineer/composer/author/consultant/educator/researcher/guru. Total Recording is the product of over three decades of professional experience. Over 400 pages!

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