That One Mic: Electric Guitar

That One Mic: Electric Guitar

  • $1.25

Mics that capture great electric guitar tones, recommended by the folks who make them.

Back in our April 2018 issue, we asked over 30 manufacturers what single microphone they’d recommend to a recording singer/songwriter, then in February of this year, 34 companies weighed in with their choices for drum miking. Naturally we received a lot of varied recommendations in all styles and price ranges.

We are back at it again this month, and since this issue of RECORDING focuses largely on electric guitar recording, this time around we approached our mic-making friends with the question: “What one microphone in your current product line would you recommend for recording an electric guitar cabinet?”

We received so many submissions, I have no room here to wax poetic about the varied choices and styles suggested below.

Again, there were only two rules for participation: First, please keep your answer limited to one model. Second, keep to to a model that is currently in your product line... and I guess you could say “Rule 2b” was that it does not need to be the latest, newest model in your line, just the one that you think would be the best suited for the task.

Enjoy the manufacturers’ answers!