Steinberg Cubase Pro 9.5

Steinberg Cubase Pro 9.5

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The latest version of Cubase puts faster workflow front and center

Every June for six years now, I’ve covered the latest and greatest updates to Steinberg Cubase, and I have to say that the new version 9.5 is my favorite yet. This isn’t because of glamorous new content... it ’s because my favorite DAW just became faster and easier to use in the heat of a session.

Last year’s version 9.0 brought redesigned Zones, a simple but effective Sampler track for instant old-school sampler gratification, Frequency EQ, Mix Console Undo and Redo, and a newly designed Plug-In Sentinel to help manage and weed out problematic plug-ins that could cause stability issues.

In the new 9.5 update, there’s a redesigned 64-bit floating point mix engine under the hood, with improved processing, precision, and accuracy. Beyond that, the real name of the game—as it says right on Cubase’s upgrade webpage—is “Workflow Enhancements.” As a 15-plus-year user of Cu-base as my main and only DAW, this is more than OK with me!