REC's Holiday Buyer's Guide

REC's Holiday Buyer's Guide

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Finding the perfect studio-focused gift for the recording musician in your life can be a daunting task, especially when you consider the sheer number of manufacturers and products, odd names and model numbers, and let’s not forget the prices. Or perhaps you, our readers, are the audio engineers or musicians in question, and you fear the ‘what do you want for the Holidays’ question just as much or more than a person buying something for a loved one.

Well, whichever side you’re on, our 2019 Holiday Buyer's Guide is our gift to you. We asked fifty-six manufacturers to offer up their picks of the products in their own lines that they’d recommend as ideal Holiday gifts.

We received a broad range of suggestions, from microphones to headphones, interfaces to effects pedals and beyond. We only had one rule: please keep all suggestions to $350 and below. As a bonus at the end of our guide, we have a special Stocking Stuffer section with items priced at $100 and below. There you’ll find a curious collection that includes microphone cables, a 500 Series bottle opener, and even a palm-sized synthesizer.

Please note that all descriptions are direct from the companies themselves, and all prices are either MAP or Street and may vary slightly at your favorite local or online retail-er. A few might even carry special sale prices for a limited time.