It's a Small World After All

It's a Small World After All

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These days, you can collaborate with anyone, anywhere

The other day, I sent a PayPal payment to my friend Javier for his half of a licensing fee payment after our song was used in an MTV reality show. Javier has been a joy to work with. He’s super talented, easy going and I can count on him for quality. I’ve also never met him.

I live in Albuquerque and he lives in Corpus Christi. We met in a Facebook group, and we collaborate entirely remotely. As it turns out, I’ve collaborated with people from Texas, Canada, Australia—you get the picture. I’ve even done collaborations with local people that weren’t done in person.

Digital audio and high-speed internet make it possible to meet and work with musicians and composers from anywhere. Doors that were previously locked are now wide open.