Adaptive, Interactive, Dynamic Music  In Cubase/Nuendo

Adaptive, Interactive, Dynamic Music In Cubase/Nuendo

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DAWs are great. Many of us use them for production, tracking, editing and more. And most of us select our DAW for particular reasons. I specifically use Steinberg Cubase and/or Nuendo. I started using Cubase on my eMachine back in 2005, and I recently switched to Nuendo to be on par with my game audio work.

Speaking of which, “Hi.” I am Chase Bethea, a professional video game composer. I have been working in the industry for more than a decade and have shipped more than 25 games in my career thus far. I have also been nominated and won multiple awards for my video game soundtracks. My specialty is in writing adaptive, interactive, dynamic music. Throughout my career, I have found many workflows in Cubase helpful in this task, but I discovered one workflow I do not see many others use the way I do, so I thought this would be a great way to share my use of the Cubase/Nuendo Arranger Track.

[Note: if you are not a Cubase/Nuendo user, don’t stop reading just yet, as you may find some tips, tricks and processes you can adapt for your chosen DAW. For instance, the Arranger is similar to the Pro Tools Playlist feature.—Ed]