BUNDLE AND SAVE! Recording Fundamentals Chapters 7 through 12

BUNDLE AND SAVE! Recording Fundamentals Chapters 7 through 12

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Here you will find Chapters 7-12 of Recording Fundamentals. Save over 48% when you bundle!

Recording Fundamentals Chapter 7: The Music Production Process—From A To Z

In the era of the Internet, creating and releasing successful music no longer revolves around huge studios, record labels, radio, or MTV. The Internet makes anyone at least a potential star... but what’s involved in the production process that gets you there? Read on!

Recording Fundamentals Chapter 8: The Music Production  Process—Who Does What?

In our last Recording Fundamentals, we walked through the pro-cess of creating an album, from preproduction to distribution. Now that we have an understanding of what goes into the process and its many stages, it’s time to learn about the people involved, why they’re important... and when you can (and should) bypass them and do things yourself.

Recording Fundamentals Chapter 9: Signal Flow—When We Record

Knowing where signals come from and where they go, and what happens to them along the way, is truly fundamental to the  engineer’s craft. You can’t fix problems in your audio if you don’t  understand where they’re coming from! So read along as Recording Fundamentals tackles the all-important topic of signal flow, starting with the journey from microphone to recorded music.

Recording Fundamentals Chapter 10: Signal Flow—When We Listen

In the last installment of Fundamentals, we discussed the path of an au-dio signal as it travels from a sound source through a preamp and to an audio recorder, through the various stages of a professional audio console. But that’s not the only path audio has to follow in our studio!

This time around, we’ll learn about the signal’s route back from the recorder and through the console’s monitor path toward the control room loudspeakers. After all... what’s the use of recording music if you can’t listen to what you’ve recorded?

Recording Fundamentals Chapter 11: Signal Flow—When The Artist Has To Hear The Music

It’s not enough to record what we play and hear what we record. In this installment of Fundamentals, we route audio on interesting side paths so that our clients can follow along as well!

Recording Fundamentals Chapter 12: Monitors—What Makes A Speaker A Monitor?

Monitors are the most important part of your studio. Nothing else you have does you any good if you can’t hear what you’re recording, and hear it accurately. In this Fundamentals, we consider the often-overlooked  but totally vital boxes that actually let us experience our music!