BUNDLE AND SAVE! Recording Fundamentals Chapters 19 through 24

BUNDLE AND SAVE! Recording Fundamentals Chapters 19 through 24

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Here you will find Chapters 19-24 of Recording Fundamentals. Save over 48% when you bundle!

Recording Fundamentals Chapter 19: Stop Worrying And Love Your Headphones

In our last chapter, Recording Fundamentals outlined both the pitfalls and advantages of using headphones during the mix process. This time around, with those important considerations firmly in mind, we’ll visit common headphone features, and look at what to consider when shop-ping for cans. Read on!

Recording Fundamentals Chapter 20: What The Heck Is An Equalizer Equalizing?

EQ is everywhere in pro audio, from simple tone controls to com-plicated rack processors, all dedicated to sculpting your tone and shaping your sounds. Their power makes them dangerous, though, so it’s important to understand what they do and how they do it. In this Recording Fundamentals, we dive into EQ and learn about what’s involved in this type of processing.

Recording Fundamentals Chapter 21: Make EQ Work For You—Not Against You!

Equalization is the most common form of audio signal processing. Used to adjust tone, EQ can manipulate the relative loudness between various frequency components in an audio signal. Troublesome frequencies can be reduced or eliminated, while desired frequencies can be boosted and highlighted.

In our last chapter, we introduced and investigated various equalizer types. This time, we will look at workflows, myths, tips, and tricks... all to make sure that when you put an EQ to work on your music, it’s doing what you want it to and not making a mess of things!

Recording Fundamentals Chapter 22: Compression—Ride Those Levels!

Dynamics control is a vital part of music production. Smoothing out uneven performances, preventing sources from overloading, deliberately playing with dynamics for musical effect... they’re all important practices that engineers face every day, and the tool to handle them all is the compressor. Let’s learn about what goes into these powerful and often confusing devices!

Recording Fundamentals Chapter 23: Compression—Control Your Dynamics Control!

In the last chapter of Recording Fundamentals, we learned what compression is and what it’s for. Now that we understand the what and why, it’s time to learn how—come along and learn what all the controls on a compressor mean, and how to adjust them to get the corrective or creative effects you want!

Recording Fundamentals Chapter 24: Compression—The Loudness Wars (And Peace?)

The loudness wars, the constant battle to make music louder and more in-your-face for broadcast media, have done a lot of  damage to the music we listen to over the last two decades. Worse yet, some of this damage can’t be undone, with the music itself actually  recorded, mixed, and mastered way too loud even before it gets broadcast. But the situation is not hopeless. In this chapter of  Recording Fundamentals, we’ll talk about the loudness wars and how peace may finally be on the horizon