BUNDLE AND SAVE! Recording Fundamentals Chapters 13 through 18

BUNDLE AND SAVE! Recording Fundamentals Chapters 13 through 18

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Here you will find Chapters 13-18 of Recording Fundamentals. Save over 48% when you bundle!

Recording Fundamentals Chapter 13: Monitors—Which Ones Are Best For You!

Monitors are the most important part of your studio, but how do you choose the right pair? To do that, it pays to know a little history and a little technology, combined with good listening practices... and we teach you all of that in this edition of Fundamentals, so dive on in!

Recording Fundamentals Chapter 14: Welcome To The Sweet Spot!

The Sweet Spot, that magical place where your music and your studio sound their best, doesn’t just happen. A lot of work and knowledge and preparation goes into making your musical space the sweetest it can be. Read along and let’s learn about what goes into your very own Sweet Spot.

Recording Fundamentals Chapter 15: What Does The Sweet Spot Sound Like?

In this installment of Recording Fundamentals, we delve deeper into the tricks and secrets of building the perfect Sweet Spot for your re-cording space. We’ve talked about accessibility and ergonomics... now we have to tackle the pesky problem of making sure your Sweet Spot sounds good, too!

Recording Fundamentals Chapter 16: The Lowdown On Low Frequencies!

The hardest part of building a great recording and mixing environment is getting the acoustics right, and the hardest part of acoustics is controlling the big bad bass. Low frequencies are hard to control and smooth out, and if we get them wrong... or even if we get them right in one spot but they’re wrong a short distance away... our music will suffer.

Recording Fundamentals to the rescue! Dive into the deep end with us and learn how to lock down your lows.

Recording Fundamentals Chapter 17: Nine Tips For Great Sound In Sketchy Rooms

We’ve been discussing the acoustics of control and tracking rooms and sketching out solutions to problems, from simple absorption for highs to more complicated diffusion and bass trapping for lows. In theory, those tools should be able to fix any room, but in practice getting a room’s sound perfect can be nearly impossible.

Professional studios have decoupled walls and ceilings, floating floors, specialized bass traps, and lots of other expensive tricks, most of which can’t be retrofitted into a house you own and are impossible in a space you’re renting. So what do you do if your room is fighting your music? Read on!

Recording Fundamentals Chapter 18: Headphones—What’s Wrong (And Right) With Them?

Headphones are necessary in nearly every studio, and they have a lot of practical uses. If you use them wrong, however, they can steer you wrong in a big way. In this Fundamentals, we learn the benefits and downchecks, perils and pitfalls of monitoring on headphones!