BUNDLE AND SAVE! Recording Fundamentals Chapters 1 through 6

BUNDLE AND SAVE! Recording Fundamentals Chapters 1 through 6

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Here you will find Chapters 1-6 of Recording Fundamentals. Save over 48% when you bundle!

CHAPTER 1: Learning The Rules (And Expectations)

Welcome to Recording Fundamentals! In this series of articles, we will introduce and review the fundamentals of audio, recording, and music production.

Will this column be targeted only at beginners? Absolutely not! Even professionals need to regularly review audio’s trickier aspects, and this series will present the content in a manner accessible for all. So come join us and get educated!

CHAPTER 2: Introduction To Audio—What is Sound?

Whether you’re just starting out or accomplished at recording, under-standing and reviewing the essentials of how sound works leads to all kinds of benefits. In this installment of Recording Fundamentals, we break down the science of sound into terms anyone can understand... and we teach you why it matters.

 3: Introduction To Audio—Where Do The Mics Go?

It’s the most basic question in audio engineering: “So where do I put the mic?” In this installment of Recording Fundamentals, we answer that question in detail, explaining the how and why of close and distant miking. Read on...

 4: Microphones—History And Design

Microphones are the lifeblood of the recording process. Everybody has them, everybody wants more of them... but how well do you understand how they work and why one mic is better than another for a given session? In this installment of Recording Fundamentals, we start to lay out what you need to know to choose the best mic for the job!

CHAPTER 5: Microphones—Polar Patterns And Directionality

Although a variety of microphone technologies exist, it is the big three—the dynamic, the condenser, and the ribbon—that see the most use in the modern recording studio. In the last Recording Fundamentals, we discussed these three mechanisms in detail, including their function, sonics, and usage. This time, we’re getting into directionality: where a mic picks up sound, and how you can use that to best advantage.

CHAPTER 6: Microphones—From Proximity To Plosives

For the past two installments, Recording Fundamentals has covered mic design, history, usage, and directionality... but the story’s not over yet! This time, we’re finishing up our tour of microphones with a look at several other important mic attributes that can help or hinder your recordings, depending on how well you understand them...